Rand Armour is based in the heart of Gauteng, South Africa.

We manufacture high quality, affordable steel composite body armour plates and perform constant research and development.

Our strong military heritage spans over 5 decades of experience in the field of science and technology.

We don’t compromise on strength and performance in our products – only the best material and expert craftsmanship will do.

Rand Armour has very high quality test standards in place.

Our body armour goes through various batch test cycles to simulate conditions faced by operators worldwide. All our manufactured product lines undergo stringent verification tests by Armscor for quality assurance.


We provide our customers with a custom solution to their armour needs.

  • Our products are well priced.
  • Our products are cost effective to manufacture.
  • Our products are Durable and has a long shelf life.
  • Our location in the world is conducive for export.
  • Our products are water and mould resistant.
  • Our products are Weather resistant Hot or cold.
  • Our product gives you a multiple shot capacity above the conventional ceramic armour, where it is a one shot deal.