We pride ourselves in our innovative product designs. Through ongoing R&D we are constantly pushing the boundaries of ballistic armour and achieving new levels of protection.’

We are proud to offer our steel composite plate body armour system with our patented rand lock system.

Threat Type Protection:

Handgun & AK-47

9mm FMJ             115gr                                        405m/s       7m

.357 Mag              158gr                                        436m/s       7m

.44 Mag                440gr                                         383m/s       7m

7,62 x 39mm       Mild steel core                         731m/s       7m


7,62 x 51mm                       Leadball                     840m/s       15m

5,56 x 45mm                       Ball M193                  969m/s       15m

5,56 x 45mm                       SS109 Green Tip       964m/s       15m

AK-47      7,62 x 39mm       Mild steel core         731m/s       15m


7,62 x 54Rmm                     Steel core                  840m/s       15m